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We are always creating. Most of the time we create by default, until we awaken our creative energy and tap into our ability to create through the power of intention. 


I've discovered I am most alive when I am in the process of creating, and doing so with intention. 


I've discovered I am no longer concerned with who will or won't like my creations. 


I've discovered I am most vulnerable when I am creating, as I splash my heart and soul on the canvas, sculpted from the stone, or repurposed from our un-wantables,  


I've discovered those with eyes to see, will see a perspective that touches his or her heart and soul.


I've discovered those with ears to hear, will hear my song of passion and will add his or her unique rhythm as we co-create in the studio we call life.


Yes, when I create I am vulnerable, and when I share it with the world, I am opening myself up to the lovers of art and critics of life. This does not stop me, nor will it hold me back. I am neither swayed by approval or disapproval.


Not creating because of fear of what others will say, think or do, is no longer an option.


I am most alive when I am creating.


Leap with me into the caverns of the inknown and trust that our soul's calling is never wrong. 



​It’s trust in the inner voice to express itself in its perfection. It’s about leaping out into the caverns of the unknown and trusting that your soul is never wrong.


My hope is that you too, will find the courage to express yourself by allowing your creativity to flow freely!


Welcome, you’re not here by accident!



Jounda Strong


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